General Information

The Kayak Club is set up as a very informal group. Once you express an interest in paddling or paddle with us you are a member! If you have questions or concerns e-mail Charlie Wolley.

Upcoming Paddles

Members: Register for upcoming paddles by clicking the link provided.

           Date                       Destination                       Leader Info           

Reservation Instructions

Reservations are made via the online calendar or by contacting the front office. Rentals will be available for all scheduled events and can be made at the time of sign up Complete details are available on the member calendar page.

Paddle Organizers Needed

Members are always welcome to schedule and lead their own paddles. It makes for a more active and fun club. If you'd like to schedule and lead a kayak paddle, contact the front office and the ladies will put it on the Club calendar. If you paddle with us, now is the time to step up and give it a try even without great kayaking expertise. It’s easier than you think and is usually a lot of fun. Remember – someone has to try out the possible lunch spots! Contact us and we’ll get you started.