If you haven’t played before - no worries, you can arrange for an intro and lesson each Tuesday in season before the scheduled matches. Players find Bocce easy to learn and fun to play, plus it’s a great way to meet and interact with fellow members. Contact Carol or Jim Nuzzo to get started.

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Emphasis is on simple and fun with no commitment to teams or league play. Members don’t have to play every Tuesday. When it works for your schedule come have fun. When it doesn’t that’s fine too. Bocce players are on a weekly group email list. When you can play, members reply to the weekly Bocce emailand request a time, no need to respond if you can’t play. Your time will be confirmed with a return email. Matches are refereed, so help is always close by if needed.


Players have an option to stay for dinner and socializing after the scheduled Tuesday matches. There is no requirement or implied requirement that you have to stay and eat to play, strictly a social convenience. Signing up for ala carte dinner is done at the same time you sign up to play. Table reservations are made with seating left up to the players.
“There are many variants to the game of Bocce, depending on space, level of play, customs, mutual agreement or other factors. Thus there is no one set standard of rules in the game of Bocce, and differences will change style and competiveness of play. In order to introduce Bocce at IYC in a fun and easy to learn format the below rules of play are recommended for the IYC courts.” 

Rules & Court Markings

Detailed Play Description

  • Bocce Courts have LED lights around their perimeter. Lights come on automatically at dusk and turn off at 11:00 p.m.
  • Bocce Balls and equipment are stored in a low long dock box labeled BOCCE located on the seawall cap right behind by the courts.
  • The Ball Racks are installed at each end of the courts.
  • As a courtesy, players are encouraged to rake the courts when needed or after play.
Contact Jim or Carol Nuzzo with questions or if you would like to get involved with organized play or tournaments.