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Isles Yacht Club

Florida Council Of Yacht Clubs


Dedicated to Promote Fair Boating Laws and Safer Waterways for the Boating Public. Click HERE for a complete listing of the FCYC Clubs.


Isles Yacht Club is a member of the Florida Council of Yacht Club, FCYC. You may enjoy social and dining privileges at a collection of 36 private clubs in the state of Florida, offering excellent marina facilities, casual and fine dining and possibility golf and tennis options.

FCYC Guide to the Clubs by Land and Water

This guide gives directions to each club by car or boat, the types of services offered, and the hours they are available. Each of these clubs offer boaters the first night of dockage free. Reciprocal charges are billed through back to our Club. Currently copies are out of print.

FCYC Cruising Guide 17th Edition
Cruising Guide Printing Instructions
For additional information, see 
As a reminder, FCYC reciprocities are available to full-voting members only.

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FCYC Gold Rush Discovery Cruise

Join incoming FCYC Commodore Bob Peterson aboard the ms/Regatta
June 25, 2020 - July 6, 2020
All welcome! Click HERE for information.