Birthday/Anniversary Night
Come into the Club on your birthday month and receive a
complimentary cocktail or dessert with your entrée. Come into the
Club on your anniversary month and receive a complimentary bottle
of wine or dessert with your entrée.  

Captain & Crew Dinners

These informal dinners feature a marine related speaker. Any boaters
who have experienced nautical mishaps that were reported to the
"Admiral"  are awarded the Royal Order of the Busted Prop
– all in good fun.

Cork & Fork
/ Wine & Dine

A gourmet food and wine experience with tastings from around the world.

Trivia Night
Members form teams of up to eight players to test their trivia skills in
a hotly contested competition, following dinner.

Wine Tastings
Members get to try six-eight different types of wine within a certain
theme, with small Tapas options to pair with each wine.

Change of Watch

This formal event marks the beginning of the new Watch. Outgoing officers
remove their flags from the staff as the new officers raise their flags and
assume command.


Memorial Day
The Club honors all military personnel and their families during different
events throughout Memorial Day weekend.


Canine Costume Party
Bring your puppies out for dinner at the Club!


Fleet Review & Blessing
Boats assemble in the Peace River and proceed in assigned order to the
Club basin where they pass a reviewing stand and exchange salutes.
Ministers pronounce blessings paying tribute to the memory of fellow
members, family, and friends who have died this past year
serving for our country.


Commodore’s Ball
This formal dinner and dance honors the current Commodore.
All attending members pass the Commodore and his spouse to
extend words of encouragement and commendation.


Lighting of the Fleet
Skippers bring their boats to assigned dockage at the Club to decorate
them with lights and decorations. At dark, a countdown is led by the
Fleet Captain to ensure all boats are lit simultaneously.

Click HERE to view the Lighting of the Fleet.

Lighted Kayak Paddle
Members decorated kayaks and paddled around the lighted canals. 
They then enoyed dinner at the Club. Oh what fun they had!


Christmas Ball
This event ushers in the holiday season and rounds out "Lighting of
the Fleet." Decorated boats, belonging to members, are requested to
remain tied up in the yacht basin in commemoration of the
holiday season. Members attending enjoy a special dinner.
New Year’s Celebration
This festive celebration provides an opportunity to say good-bye to
the old year and joyfully welcome in the New Year.