General Information
IYC Billiards offers many opportunities to learn the game and play socially or compete on a regular basis. The scheduled organized play is designed around two seasons per year, a winter session from November to March and summer session from May to September. Social play or individual practice is available daily at a member’s convenience.
The IYC team 8-ball league is operated during the winter season only--staffing a team match during the summer has proven problematic. The team 8-ball leagues currently has eight teams of average 9 players per team. Each team plays one match per week from November 'til March. This is a handicapped league resulting in team competitive balance.

IYC Billiards operates three different singles leagues. These leagues are defined by differing skill levels per league. The Yawl league is designed for players new to regular competitive pool play. The Sloop league is meant for more experienced players looking for a step-up in skill level. The Schooner league is the Club’s high skill level singles league and will be a challenge unless you have significant skills. All three league schedules request one match per week be played and the match format of each league is designed to result in one hour to 1 & 1/2 hour length matches. These leagues operate during both the winter and summer seasons.

Between seasons and in support of special activities like charitable events we conduct approximately a dozen tournaments annually both 8-ball & 9-ball events.

A very active ladies program is operated year-round with weekly play from 7:00 P.M. to 9:00 P.M. on Tuesday evenings more of a recreational, social nature than competitive. However, formal instructional clinics are now being added to this activity at the participant’s request. This is an ideal environment for those ladies looking for stimulating activity but having little pool experience. The more experienced may join the ladies who participate in our team and singles leagues.

Pool Table Reservations
To reserve a time for a billiards match or practice, click HERE to log on to our Billiards Calendar. Enter our email address and the password iyc8ball. On the weekly calendar, click on the date and time you want to play and enter your name. DO NOT remove or write over any time previously reserved. Then click on "create event" and sign out. This will save the entry and display it on the calendar on the website.

Billiards Contacts
Bob Spencer   (941) 505.1279

Bonnie McDonald   (941) 627.9281

Peter Sinden  (941) 505.7062

"IYC Team of Herb Remer, Bob Spencer & Tom Hamilton following a win over Australian 9-Ball team at BCA Inter-National Championship in Las Vegas, July 2015."

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"The Pool Hall at IYC" video

To view information on the Billiards Committee, access the video below:

For more information,  contact Bob Spencer at (941) 505-1279 or

LOG Article
One of the great things about the Isles Yacht Club is the variety of events and activities we offer. As new members join the Club, they realize that one of the best ways to make new friends and really get involved is to join one or more of those activities. There are many opportunities to participate in. Something you may not have ever tried like Bocce, sailing, tennis or BILLIARDS! Most of us, now retired, finally find ourselves with free time. And even if you are not yet retired, shooting pool is a great activity to become involved in. There are over a hundred members that play regularly. Even though the skill levels vary, one thing is true of every IYC billiards player…they have FUN!
We have worked hard to create an environment that makes it easy for anyone to join the Billiards community. Both men and women of any skill level are welcome. We offer individual and group training on a regular basis. You can play with friends just for fun or you can join our competitive leagues. There are three competitive leagues, each with members of various skill levels. League play is scheduled between October and March. A large time commitment is not necessary to be a league player. If you like, we also have competitive teams that are always looking for new players.
On Tuesday nights we have Ladies Billiards for ladies who want to play for fun or learn from other ladies. Wednesday nights are an open night for anyone who would like to play. During the winter season we also play with other communities in the area and over the past few years have met some wonderful people.
Our season just ended with a great dinner as we recognized all the people who help make this group what it is. Be sure to watch the Pool Hall at IYC video on the IYC website created for us by Bruce Tompkins.  I am sure you will find it amusing. We are already looking forward to next season and it’s hard to believe, but when we resume play in the fall, we will be celebrating our 10th Anniversary. Join us!


August 2017 Ribbon Cutting